• Jennifer Dalton, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Operations – TRC Manage, Springfield Area (MO) Chamber of Commerce

    The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce had never conducted a total resource campaign (TRC) prior to 2016 but we were seeking new avenues for generating non-dues revenue and enhancing volunteer engagement so we approached Jason at YGM to see if it might be a good fit for us.

    We spent a good amount of time on the front end, overviewing our existing marketing and advertising opportunities and building out our inventory prior to the kickoff of the campaign. Having never done this kind of campaign before, our volunteer leadership was cautious but motivated when they established a campaign goal of $385,000. With amazing recruitment efforts, our Chamber had over 130 volunteers engaged in our first annual Reach campaign and we were so thrilled with the success of this inaugural effort as we surpassed our goal and ended the campaign with just over $520,000 in sales.

    If you are considering a total resource campaign for your organization, I would highly recommend YGM Consulting. Jason walked our team through every step of the process. He was consistently providing suggestions for increasing sales along the way during the campaign and was an excellent sounding board as we had questions. Having worked with numerous other chambers around the country, he was never without an example of how another chamber had handled a particular situation and that advice and counsel proved invaluable as we navigated the waters with our members and volunteers.

    I am certain we would not have had the success we did without YGM. As we enter year two, we are so much more knowledgeable of the process and look forward to even more success. YGM provided such a valuable foundation for our Chamber to grow.