Our proven method has been getting results for more than 15 years.

  • Kelly Hall, CCE, IOM, President/CEO, Longview (Texas) Chamber of Commerce

    Kelly_Hall“Have you wondered why TRC?  I did for about 15 years and finally a few years ago I decided to get serious about looking at why.  Our board unanimously voted to give TRC a try.  Our first campaign was in 2011 and what a success!  TRC is changing our business model, and I can't believe I waited so long.  I'd be happy to visit with you from a peer perspective on why your Chamber needs to take a serious look at TRC.  Why not?"

  • Jennifer Dalton, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Operations – TRC Manager, Springfield Area (MO) Chamber of Commerce

    The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce had never conducted a total resource campaign (TRC) prior to 2016 but we were seeking new avenues for generating non-dues revenue and enhancing volunteer engagement so we approached Jason at YGM to see if it might be a good fit for us.  More ...

  • Julie Cooper, President/CEO, Ankeny (Iowa) Chamber of Commerce

    Julie_Cooper"After completing our sixth consecutive TRC, I still believe it to be the most impressive program we have ever done."

  • Tiffany Menke - President, Urbandale (Iowa) Chamber of Commerce

    Menke-Tiffany"Our organization went from raising $24,000 in sponsorship dollars to $249,000 in two years!"

  • Diane Poole, Executive Director, Trussville Area (Ala.) Chamber of Commerce

    Poole-Diane-240x300"Our first campaign with Jason at YGM was fantastic! We grew our membership by 40 new members. That's more than 10 percent growth - not to mention all the new volunteers we now have. And it's amazing to know our sponsorships are confirmed for all this year's events. We've really expanded our reach and our visibility, and I'm excited to see how we will continue to grow our chamber with our next campaign. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and is a great cheerleader."

  • Matt Morrow, President, Springfield Area (MO) Chamber of Commerce

    It's a big and, at times scary, step to launch a Chamber's first Total Resource Campaign. So a big part of our evaluation was determining what consultant would give us the best chance at sustainable success and growth, from day one. We put a big part of our future in the hands of YGM Total Resource Campaigns, and it was absolutely the right moveMore ...

  • Amy Britt, IOM – Executive Director, Seminole (OK) Chamber of Commerce

    I was introduced to TRC's and YGM at the MAKO conference in 2013. After meeting with Jason and Joyce, I knew that was the company and team for our Chamber to have a successful Total Resource Campaign. We were a Chamber with 250 members, in a town of 7,500. More ...

  • David Rumbarger – President/CEO, Community Development Foundation of Tupelo, MS

    The Community Development Foundation is thrilled with the results of our first resource campaign. In just one year, CDF quadrupled its sponsorship dollars to over $314,000. By securing sponsorships over the course of 10 weeks, our Chamber staff is able to spend the rest of the year focused on our true mission — providing our members with the tools for success and growth.

  • Mike Dyer – President & CEO, Macon (GA) Chamber of Commerce

    Having a Total Resource Campaign has been transformational to our Chamber in so many ways. The fact that we have 50 volunteers out in the community talking to our members about the Chamber has been phenomenal. So many more people are aware of the Chamber's programs, events and our many initiatives in Economic Development and Advocacy. More ...