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Sometimes people ask why they should go with a YGM Total Resource Campaign. "Couldn't we do this ourselves?"

The answer is yes, you could. But you could do it faster, easier, and better with a YGM Total Resource Campaign. 

Experienced proven method

Our team has been working with chambers across the country for more than 15 years. Our Total Resource Campaign plan has proven successful again and again, with many chambers seeing record-breaking growth in non-dues revenue in the first year. In fact, our method is so successful, many of our clients continue to use our services year after year.

Hands on coaching from campaign experts

When you choose a YGM TRC for your chamber, you'll get coaching from experts who have been a part of hundreds of campaigns at chambers big and small. From on-site training for staff and volunteers to follow-up advice, you and your staff know that whatever questions or problems arise, the YGM team will be available to help.

Sponsorship Development and Retention

As part of YGM's consulting efforts, we'll audit your existing sponsorships to see where improvements can be made. TRC revenue generated via the YGM proven method is sustainable with a retention rate of 85-95%. 

YGM's Online System customized for your campaign

Each YGM Total Resource Campaign will have its own online campaign page to allow staff and volunteers instant access to up-to-the-minute campaign results. This system will keep your volunteers knowledgable about available sponsorships, inform your campaign leaders on progress toward goals and allow everyone to share in the successes of participants.

One-Year Campaigns

YGM trains and guides Chamber staff and volunteers through the TRC process. We work with you to maximize your strengths and minimize your challenges. YGM staff make numerous trips to your site to work with you in development training and volunteer training before, during, and after the campiagn.

Our goal during the one year is to teach you to run your own campaign so that your staff and volunteers will be fully equipped to run a successful TRC year after year in the future.